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Discover the 8 week Program that will boost your energy, finetune your life purpose and deepen your love relationship!

Despite all my successes and talents, I feel stuck.

"I worked so hard to built up my professional,  personal and family life, but somehow I feel my old ways have become chains. I need to deal with old patterns and addictive tendencies."


I want to reformulate my life purpose

"I need to redefine why I'm here and what really matters to me. I know this quest will demand a strong will, a no nonsense approach and a strong determination to deal with the wounds of the past."


I want a loving and healthy relationship

"I want to tap into my emotional potential and break through the patterns that have obscured our love over time."

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The Intention Method offers a powerful tool for deep transformation. It shows us how we had to give up essential aspects of who we are in order to overcome hardship. Reconnecting with those aspects is essential for real change!

Fasting is considered to be one of the strongest contributions to health and happiness. Discover how intermittent fasting and 3 days fasts boost your health and energy!

Cold therapy combined with breathing techniques help mind and body to gain stress resilience, reduce inflammation, train will power and support pattern breaking and transformation.

Johan Van Eeckhout (°1979, Belgium) is a master in Philosophy with over 14 years of experience in health coaching and trauma counselling. In Belgium he co-founded a health center that pioneered fasting and trauma recovery methods to overcome mental and physical conditions by stimulating and supporting the capacity of mind and body for self-regulation. 

His coaching style is averse to spiritualistic or esoteric influences and challenges us to an unvarnished and unadorned self-encounter. However, he connects this grounded attitude with a sincere warmth and a deep understanding of our condition as men of the modern times. He is a gifted guide when it comes to distinguishing between illusion and reality, retrieving and integrating banished feelings and charting new paths from there.

These qualities, combined with his profound knowledge of the science and practical wisdom of fasting, cold therapy and breathing techniques, ensure that his guidance contains all the ingredients for a drastic and sustainable change in your life.

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