Nobody can be you for yourself

After obtaining my master in Philosophy I did not want to end up working as any other office clerk: I wanted to do something with the acquired wisdom and knowlegde. So I started writing. Together with a group of trusted friends we worked on articles, magazines and newspapers. In these publications we tried to get a grasp on the reality that surrounded us - and we tried to change it to our liking. After the magazines, flyers and articles came the books: we translated a variety of classics in the field of political philosophy. The  crown piece of this inspiring period was the founding of a library in Europe's Capital: a place for discussion, enquiry, inspiration and social action. 

Despite all these experiences I felt it was time for me to broaden my horizon. Inspired by my father's views on the self healing capacities of our bodies and minds we decided to found a health center together. During 8 years we offered fasting cures, meditation retreats, trauma recovery methods and lectures and talks on health and the art of medicine. I coupled this activity with more translating and publishing work: I proofread several books on trauma and health, translated inspirational management books, wrote two books myself and edited a magazine that strove for a traumainformed health care system.

One passion I haven't told you about is poetry. I have been reading and writing poetry all my life and it was a fundamental part of my therapeutical approach. Today I love to offer this talent to highlight your most important life events.

I look forward to working with you!



We offer our counselling services in English, German, French and Dutch. We offer online sessions if the circumstances require them.

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