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Owning your lifestory through the integration of past experiences

on the basis of IoPT (Franz Ruppert)

So how do we go about translating the mind? How do we browse through the data sources that our bodies and minds are? And more pressing: how do we access those chapters and fragments where we as authors of our lifestory were not fully present? There is a way to do just this. There´s nothing magical about it, but it is extremely fascinating.

The sentence of your intention leads the way

We all have desires, right? Things we long for here and now, but for one reason or another just can't realize (yet). These desires or intentions are really interesting things. They consist of the following ingredients: ​

  • they describe a current situation: I would like to lead a more active lifestyle. But I don't live that lifestyle yet.

  • They contain a claim for the future. Being more active than we are now.

  • They also implicitly contain the element that keeps us from simply realizing our desire; our hidden, unconscious obstacles from the past. ​

So every wish points to a contradiction and where there are contradictions in our lives, the story begins to fall apart. This is our starting point: the formulation of a clear intention that contains the necessary energy and urgency.

Discovering the hidden content of your intention

Every word of an intention is a source of information. Words have their dictionnary meanings (eg. life: the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter), but they also have a more subjective meaning that refers to personal life experiences (eg. life: is a struggle, is threatening). It´s a bit like a Google-search, all kind of things can show up, that any other person would not necessarily link to this word. But they are extremely meaningful and significant for you. You are reading your book of books.

Now, how do we access these words and dig up their hidden content? There´s two possible ways: you write down every individual word on a seperate paper, give each of them a meaningfull place in the room and then position yourself on each of them, opening up to whatever feeling, sensation or thought that pops up. In the context of a session you can also ask me to take the position of the word and then go into contact: the interaction will bring valuable information.


Integrating fragmented experiences


The contradictions hidden in an intention refer to traumatic life-events that forced us to split off experiences. The word "Life" in the example given can contain the experience of freezing and paralyzing. Empathically reconnecting with this experience is crucial for realising your wish, in this case: a healthy active life. 

You´ve accessed and integrated a fragmented passage of your life story. The pieces of the puzzle are falling into place. What was written in a strange, meaningless writing, has been translated and integrated into your personal language.


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