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Our challenge? Give your stay in Schluchsee an unforgettable highlight and register yourself and loved-ones for an Icebathing initiation! Icebaths are a real boost for your health and they bring joy to life.

  • introduction to theory and practice of cold therapy 

  • warm up and assisted bathing by experienced icebathers

  • A warm cup of tea or Glühwein and tipps-and-tricks for a healthy lifestyle

Join us and quickly send an e-mail to or register via (from 3 persons, 29,99€/Person)

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Frozen River


Strengthening body and mind through cold therapy, fasting and mindfulness meditation

It is our vision and our personal experience that mind and body are mere sides of the same coin. Our minds can only grasp the reality of our lifestory if our bodies are willing and able to tell the story. Through cold therapy we immediately access the wisdom and resilience of our bodies: our big heads shrink, our problems and concerns become proportionate again, we gain immediate clarity. Sustained cold therapy has innumerous health advantages and as such offers the perfect supplement of any therapeutical process.

Breath work and meditation are intimately linked to the cold therapy. I happily offer my experience as a mindfulness trainer, to guide you through the icebathing sessions. These sessions are also the occasion to share the wisdom of fasting. As author of a book on intermittent fasting (5:2 Fasting) and experienced guide on extended fasts (3-5-7 days and more) I´d be happy to introduce you to this missing link in (almost) all our health issues of today.

Please contact us for prices and customised offers.

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