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Franz Ruppert - IoPT


Franz Ruppert is and has been a phenomenal source of inspiration. He has systematically revolutionized the field of traumatherapy and theory and his work is our roadmap to understanding human devellopment and its myriads of forms and expressions.

Gallerie am See

In the heart of Schluchsee you can find Katrin Leuthäusers Gallerie am See. This small but charming shop offers jewelry, wood art, photography and especially a very warmhearted owner.

Salz & Stein

I offer help for self-help, because strengthening people who see themselves in a situation that offers little or no perspective is as much motivation as it is a challenge for me.

We approach the cause of your concern methodically. Your truth is revealed, blockages dissolve, peace returns and you approach the situation in an identity-oriented manner.

Christian Strässle
Mühlenstrasse 14, 9000 St.Gallen
Tel 071 223 10 25


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