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8 weeks to turn your life around!
  • Choose new pathways

  • Choose health and energy

  • Choose awareness, purpose and happiness

  • Choose a longterm strategy based on your innate capacity for healing 


U - Turn: a powerful formula for change!

460 € 


Intention Method

During three to four sessions we focus on our trauma biography: we discover where we gave up vital aspects of ourselves, how we can integrate those aspects and transform survival into creative living and a clear consciousness of who we are and what we want.



We dedicate one session to the art and science of fasting: we integrate intermittent fasting in our daily life and support it with physical activity and mindful eating. Last but not least: we prepare for and execute the challenge of a three-days fast within the context of the program.



During two sessions and throughout the program you discover a range of breathing techniques and mindfulness based methods that help you energise your body and fine-tune your attention and awareness. In combination with cold therapy you train body and mind for stress resilience and pattern breaking. 

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