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Zane Meiksane - Van Eeckhout 

Bach. psychologist, 2 years of masters degree program in clinical Psychology in the University of Latvia, artist, sales specialist and passionate fitness trainer 


Everyone in this world wants to be happy. What most of us don´t realize is that the key to happiness has been given to everyone since birth. Because of different life situations, we forget that we once had such a key and we long to find it wandering far away from where it actually is.


What if I would say that happiness is found by those who return to themselves. How to do it? The answer is: there is not a single recipe for happiness, because the answer is as diverse as we are unique. What I can do is to share how I am finding my way to myself and maybe it will help  you as well.

We all have our own traumatic events; they can affect both physical and mental health. Identity-oriented psychotherapy, meditation, drawing, dancing, jogging and ice baths helped me to rejuvenate my body and restore mental strength and balance. Cold therapy in combination with breathing and movement gives me the greatest well-being. For me, cold water is the best antidepressant. In the context of INSIG I´m the expert by experience and am voluntarily assisting Johan to accompany you on your path to self-knowledge.

My Paintings
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