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Man with Book

Setting up Intentions - Exiting your Trauma Biography

A philosophical approach to healing past wounds and taking ownership of your live

on the basis of IoPT

"I want to have and enjoy healthy relationships"

Discover the transformative and healing power of meeting yourself



The book of books exists.

It´s written in body tissue and cell memory.

Its letters, words and phrases are life experiences. Some fragments are tightly knit and read like a true novel. Others are fragmented: their meaning falls apart, their sentences falter, their pages are crumpled, sometimes torn apart.

Some experiences were too overwhelming to simply fit the story, especially in the early stages of our lifes, where it only starts to unfold.

But even then, we are and always will be the unique authors of the book of books. In order to be the masters of future chapters we have to have the courage to sit down and rework those fragmented parts.

And then...

The strongest and sweetest songs yet remain to be sung.

- Walt Whitman

INSIG - Exit your Trauma Biography

Philosophical Life Councelling


We always work on the basis of your intention. This is a sentence that expresses your most vivid lifewish in this moment. Then we set out to discover what underlying life-experiences hold you back from living this wish.

This method is based on the Identity-oriented Psychotrauma Therapy (IoPT), develloped by Dr. Franz Ruppert

Under the Stars

In our intimate relationships we are bound to meet ourselves and our contradictions. That´s what makes every intimate relationship into a challenge and an opportunity. Relationships can become minefields, scenes where past hurt is being re-enacted over and over again. But our partners can also guide us to our fragmented chapters and help us to rework them. And we can do the same for them.

The method we use is derived from Franz Rupperts work (IoPT).

Ice Chunks

What started off as a personal passion turned into a vital part of my work. Through icebathing we engage and strengthen the body and the mind and support process and change on all levels.  During the season (Oktober to April) we invite you to two weekly sessions of icebathing. We offer some context and explanation... extending the practice of Ice Bathing with our broad knowledge and experience of Fasting and Mindfulness Meditation.


Our big inspiration here is ofcourse "Iceman" Wim Hof.

about me

  • Johan Van Eeckhout

  • Master in Philosophy

  • Extensive schooling in diverse methods and practices to support health and trauma recovery

  • Critical autor, editor, translator

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