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Couple Counselling IoPT


Meeting yourself in order to genuinely meet eachother

on the basis of IoPT (Franz Ruppert)

The most fragmented parts of our lifestory are closely linked to the first and most impressive relationship we´ve all had: the one with our mother and our primal caretakers in the first five to ten years of our lives.

In adulthood our love relationships all too often suffer from this traumarelated imprint: we expect our partners to fix our wounds or unconsciously repeat our worst nightmares from the past. But our partners can also be irreplacable mirrors that show us our blind spots and challenge us to meet and treat them with tenderness.

Our love partner as a mirror

In couple counselling we create a framework where partners can be a helpful and empathic mirror for eachother. In every session we work with the intention of one partner, that may or may not be linked to the relationship. The other partner is present as a witness of this delicate process, but can also actively participate and represent words of the intention. In both cases a deeply felt understanding of the partners lifestory devellops and a new complicity often emerges. Illusions, confusion and implicit expectations make room for clarity and healthy connection.

In order to honour both partners we feel that good couple counselling should be done by a couple. Zane Meiksane Van Eeckhout,  a schooled psychologist, assists during these sessions. Relational problems sometimes require seperate individual work beforehand, in general by both partners.

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Couple counselling IoPT
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